Independent and impartial review of your ERP project

to help you achieve a successful outcome

on schedule and within budget

Successful ERP projects require a significant investment in human and capital resources and are usually the most complex endeavors a company will ever pursue.  Teams for these projects usually incorporate key internal company experts and an experienced external team of consultants.  The hope is that by putting the best combination of internal and external resources on these projects, the end result will be a project completed on schedule and within budget while achieving all the key project goals and objectives.


Unfortunately, even with the strongest team, many ERP projects fail to achieve the expectations of company executives.  The most frequent cause of an unsuccessful ERP project is failure to meet critical milestones, which ultimately leads to cost overruns and unhappy users and company management.  Project managers and company executives sincerely try to keep these important projects on track, but sometimes they are so close to the day-to-day tactical processes that it is difficult to identify and correct a problem that might sabotage their project timeline and budget.


ERP Advisor’s proven process of periodic project assessments will dramatically improve the probability that your project will be completed on schedule and within budget.